iBooks Author Review Questions with images

Images for iBooks Author Review Questions

With iBooks Author, we can create review questions for readers. In a teaching environment, the use of visuals provides opportunities to help visual learners and provide differentiated instruction. Teachers and students can use iBooks Author in Flipped, Blended and Project instruction models. Images in iBooks Author can be used to re-enforce concepts taught and learned in an iBook or classroom.

Open the iBooks Author application and create a new book using the basic landscape template.

landscape ibook template


select default page

Click the add page button and select the default blank page master.

insert wideget menu option

Click on the Widget icon and select the Review widget.

place widget on page

Move the Review widget to one side of the page. Use the blue smart guide to help place the widget along the edge of the page margin.

resize review widget side

Click and drag on the resize handle to fill the left half of the page with the Review widget.

smartguide to resize widget

Use the bottom resize handle to stretch the Review widget to the bottom margin of the page. A blue smart guide on the margin edge will appear to inform us that the widget is stretched from top margin to bottom margin.

question type and answers

The question type that is created when we add the widget is a basic multiple choice question without images. Click on the question in the Widget inspector. Click on the delete button below the questions list box. The delete button has the minus sign on it.

question type selector

Click on the Review question type. The basic multiple choice question types appear first. The question type we need is a little further down the list.

multiple choice image option

Click on the image multiple choice answer option.

review question title

Click once on the Review question’s title. Erase the title and provide a meaningful title. Click on the question and write a question that references the images in the answer choices.

images for answers

Open the folder with the images you collected for the questions and place it along side the answer image placeholders. Drag an image from the folder onto one of the answer placeholders.

four image answer choices

Repeat the process with the other images.

select corrent image answer

Place a checkmark on the correct answer. The correct answer will not be shown but it will be used to provide feedback.

Repeat this process to create additional multiple choice questions that have images for answers. Review questions can be used for basic vocabulary with young children. They can also be used by learners of other languages.


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