Hiding Columns or Rows In Google Sheets

Hiding Columns or Rows In Google Sheets
We can hide columns or rows in a spreadsheet to help focus on some of the specific information. Hiding columns or rows collapses the information so we can shorten the distance between values and information. In this example, we have columns we don’t currently need to see. To hide these columns we will click once on the column heading to select the entire column.




There are a couple of ways we can select the option to hide a column. Columns have an actions menu. We see this actions menu option when we hover the mouse over a column.


Clicking the actions menu will provide a list of options we can use on the column. One of those options is the one to hide the column. We can right click on the column for the contextual menu and get the same options.


Hiding the column will shift the columns on the right toward the left.


Hidden columns will let us know they are hidden by displaying opposing triangles or arrows at the point where they are hidden between columns. In this example, the triangles appear to the right of column B and to the left of column D. Notice that column C is missing.


To restore or unhide the column, we can click on either of these triangles.


We can hide multiple columns by selecting them all at once and following the same process. In this example, we have three columns selected. To select the columns we can click once on the first column heading and while holding the shift key on our keyboard, click on the last column we want to be selected. In this case, that would be columns C through E.

If you’re not a fan of using modifier keys like the shift key, click and drag from one column to the next to select multiple adjacent columns.


To hide multiple columns, use the actions menu in the column or choose edit in the menu. In the menu of options, we will see that there is an option to hide multiple columns and they are specified directly. In this example, that would be the option to hide columns C through E.


We can hide rows in a similar way. Rows don’t provide an actions menu. We need to right click on the row to see the hide row option. The option to hide rows or columns is not available in the menu options.


We can select multiple rows to hide using the same process.


Hidden rows display the same triangles to let us know they are hidden and to restore or unhide the rows.

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