Hiding A Sheet In Google Sheets Workbook

Hiding A Sheet In Google Sheets Workbook
A spreadsheet in Google Sheets like most spreadsheet applications. It’s actually a document that can contain several spreadsheets. This document is called a workbook. Each spreadsheet in this document can be accessed from a tab at the bottom. We can have several spreadsheets in a document. According to Google, we can have up to 200 sheets in a workbook.

With so many sheets in a workbook, we might have the need to hide one or more of these sheets. Hiding a sheet removes it from the tab selector at the bottom and brings the other tabs in to take its place. The spreadsheet isn’t deleted, it’s just hidden from view. This makes can make it easier to select tabs when we have several in our document. We might also hide sheets when sharing information with others.

In this example, we have a workbook with several sheets.




To hide a sheet, click the triangle to the right of the sheet name and select the hide sheet option.


The tab for the sheet will no longer appear and the tabs to the right of the sheet will close in.


To un-hide the spreadsheet, click on “View” in the menu, go to the “Hidden sheets” option and select the sheet to un-hide.

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