Grouping Apps With Screens on iPhone or iPad

As we install more and more apps onto our devices it becomes important to organize them. We can organize them into separate screens or into folders. Lets organize our apps into screens. This method works best if you don’t have too many apps.

Tap and hold on an app you want to move. After a couple of seconds the apps will begin to shake. Drag the app to the right edge of the screen. Pause at the right edge until a new screen appears. This screen could be an existing one with apps or it could be a new one without apps.




If it’s an existing screen with apps, move the app again over to the right edge and pause for a new screen. If you get another screen with apps, repeat the process. This is the reason screens to organize apps works best if you have a few apps. Once you have a new screen without apps, release the app.


Now that we have a new screen, we can go back to one of the previous screens and move over more apps to this screen. The apps will continue to shake as we go back. All we need to do, is drag apps to our new screen.

As we drag and release apps onto the new screen, they will slide into place next to existing apps. We can organize the apps in our new screen as needed. When you’re done moving apps over press the home button.

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