Google Site File Cabinet Versions In Google Sites

A powerful feature in File Cabinet Google Site pages, is the versioning of files. Versioning only takes place with documents or media that is uploaded from computers. To add files, click the Add file button.




Navigate the files and folders of your computer and find a file to upload. Double click on the file or click on it once and click the open button.


The file is added with links to view or download the file.


To the right of the file we have information about the size of the file and the file version. We just uploaded the file so it is version one.


We’ll make some changes to the original document and upload it again. We’ll follow the same process as before. The file has to have the exact same name, otherwise versioning doesn’t work. The file now shows that it is version 2. We can repeat the process as many times as needed.


We have three versions of this document uploaded. We can go through each version by clicking the version number link.


After clicking the link, a page will open with a list of all the file versions. Each version number is a link to the original file. Clicking a version will open the file for that version. The page has information about when the file was added and who added the file. Useful information to have when working on a collaborative site.


Versioning works even if the document or media is placed in a folder. We have the same document inside a folder titled Version Documents.


The current version for this document is five.


We’ll go through the process of uploading the file. The file will automatically be uploaded to the folder and the version information will update. The version information for this file is now six.

This versioning option is not available for Drive documents. Each time we add a document from Drive it is treated as a separate document. To use versioning with Google Drive documents, they will need to be downloaded then uploaded.

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