Google Doc Styles

Google Docs has a basic set of paragraph styles. Think of paragraph styles as a set of instructions for how to format text on a document. These instructions include the font, font size, font color and even the line spacing. With all this information contained it styles they are a powerful tool to have when developing any document.

There are several styles to help format different segments of a document. There is a normal style for regular paragraphs, title, subtitle and heading styles too. The styles for Google docs are located to the left of the font selector.



The default normal text style used in paragraphs is Georgia 11 point. If this is the font and font size we prefer then there is no need to update the style. If we prefer to use a different font, then we can either change it and begin typing or we can update this style with the font and font size we prefer.

There are benefits to updating the font style. For example, if we set our font to Arial 12 point, and then later decide we would rather use Times New Roman 14, we would need to select all the text in the document, and tediously change each paragraph. With a style all we need to do is update the style and all the text that uses the style will automatically be updated.


In this example we have three paragraphs that are using the current normal text style.


We’ll place our cursor in the first paragraph, we don’t need to highlight any text but it helps for us to see the changes. We’ll highlight the first two words and change the font and font size. Let’s change the font to Comic Sans 14 point.


To make this the new normal text style we’ll click on the styles selector, and click on the question mark to the right of the normal text style.


We have the option to apply the normal style to the selected text, in which case it will return to Georgia 11 point. We have the option to update the normal style with the changes. This is what we want to do, so click update normal text to match.


We can see that not only is the highlighted text set to Comic Sans 14 point but so are all the other paragraphs.

We can do the same with each of the other style in Google Docs.

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