Google Doc Paragraph Style Settings

Google Docs has a basic set of styles that can be used to format text. In addition for formatting text, styles can be used to format paragraphs. For example, we can use styles to help format indented paragraphs and block paragraphs.

In this example we have three paragraphs and we need to indent the paragraphs.




With our cursor in the first paragraph, we don’t need to highlight any text, we’ll move our first line indent. The first line indent is located in the ruler above the left alight tab.


Move the first line indent the equivalent of two letters.

This is all we need for a first line indent. Word processors are not like writing or typewriters. The first line indent does not have to be big. This is roughly the recommended first line indent spacing recommended.


To make this part of our normal text style we need to update the style with this information. Click on the styles selector and click on the question mark on the right of the normal style.


Click on the option to update normal text to match.


Our three paragraphs now have the first line indent applied. From now on all the text will be formatted with this style.

If this were an actual document for publication, the first paragraph would not be indented. Indented paragraphs are used to show the beginning of a new paragraph. The first paragraph is automatically the beginning of a paragraph and does not need to be indented.


Let’s create a paragraph style for block paragraphs. In the same example we’ve removed the first line indent.


To create block paragraphs we need to increase the spacing after each paragraph. Click on the line spacing options and click on add spacing after paragraph.


This will automatically add the extra spacing after the paragraph we need.


To apply this to our normal text style, click on the style selector and click on the question mark to the right of the normal text style.


Click on update normal text to match.


The paragraphs are now formatted as block paragraphs.

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