Google Classroom change owner update

Google recently made some updates to Google Classroom which make Google Classroom management much easier. One of the new updates includes the option to make another teacher the owner of a classroom. This feature is very welcome by campuses where teachers often team teach or develop content together. It is particularly useful for schools that are departmentalized.

The inability to transfer ownership to another teacher caused problems when the owner of the classroom left the district. Accounts are removed when a teacher leaves and so is access to the teacher’s classrooms in Google Classroom. Teachers that relied on content from that teacher were often left with having to recreate content and scramble for student grades.

The option to transfer ownership to another teacher is in the About section.


Click the Actions menu for a teacher and select “Make Owner”.


An invitation will be sent to the teacher. The original owner of the classroom will remain until the invited teacher accepts the invitation to own the classroom.


The owner of the classroom is the only one that can invite someone else to own the classroom.

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