Freezing Multiple Columns and Rows In Google Sheets

Freezing Multiple Columns and Rows In Google Sheets
Spreadsheets can get a little complicated and cumbersome. To get a better view of information across a spreadsheet we often need to scroll through lots of information. The headings for information may not always be at the top of the sheet in the first or second row. That happens to be the case in this example.

We have some data collected in a survey. The information I would like to keep visible is in the first column and in one of the rows. In this example, that would be the information headings starting on row 23.




To freeze a column select the column by clicking the column heading. In this example, that would be column B.


Click on View in the menu and go down to the Freeze option. In the Freeze option click on the “up to current column (B)” option. We are selecting this option because the information in column A is hidden. Choosing the option to freeze up to column B will include column A and B.


We won’t see much happen but if we look at the right edge of the column, we can see that there is a light gray bar to the right of the column.


Scroll to the right of the data to see that the column remains visible and the data seems to pass under the headings.


Go all the way to the end of the data and the headings will remain visible.


We can repeat the process to freeze a row of headings. Click on the row 23 heading. This will provide a basis for our selection in the menu.


Go back to the View menu option and down to the Freeze option. Select the option to freeze “up to current row (23)”. This will freeze all the rows from the first row up to row 23.


The same light gray bar will appear below the row to indicate that this row of information is frozen. We can scroll up and down or left and right and the headings for both the column and the row will remain where they are and make it easier for us to review the data.


To unfreeze a row or column go back to the View menu option. To unfreeze the column or row we need to select the option to either freeze “no rows” or “no columns”.

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