Freezing Header Rows and Columns In Google Sheets

Freezing Header Rows and Columns In Google Sheets
When working with spreadsheets, we often have headers in the first row that are titles for the data in the columns. This often means that we have lots of data that flows down the column. When we scroll down to look at this data, we may loose the headings that identify the data. These headings can be frozen so they remain visible. In this example, there is a list of students imported from an online database. The generic titles are shown in the first row.




Click View in the menu and move the mouse arrow to the Freeze option. In the Freeze option, there are several ways of freezing rows and columns. Selecting the option to freeze 1 row will freeze the first row in our spreadsheet.


A light gray bar will appear below the first-row grid when a row is frozen. Scroll down the rows of data and the headings on this row will remain fixed.


In the Freeze menu, there is an option to freeze 2 rows. This option will freeze the first two rows on the sheet. In this example, it freezes the row with the column headings and the first row of data.


Follow the same process to freeze columns. In this example, the first column is frozen.

We can freeze a combination of rows and columns in a sheet. We don’t have to select a row or column in this process.


To unfreeze columns or rows, return to the View menu item and in the Freeze option, select the “no rows” or “no columns” option.

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