Formatting table of contents in iWork Pages

In Pages, we can create a table of contents to help readers navigate through long documents. These table of contents are easy to create and update. Once the table of contents is created, it can be formatted by changing the font, font size, color and other text options. We can also align the page numbers so it looks more like a traditional table of contents.

In this table of contents, we’ll select the table of contents text by clicking once inside the table of contents box.




Click on the text panel option so we can change some of the text options.


We’ll change the font to Georgia 14 point.


The table of contents will update with the changes.


To make the table of contents look more like a traditional table of contents, we’ll align the page numbers to the right. In the text panel, go to the tabs section at the bottom.


Click on the plus button to create a new tab stop.


A tab stop selector will be created. Click on the alignment selector and choose right.


Click in the stops field and enter 7 inches or roughly 18 centimeters.


The page numbers will now be aligned to the right of the page.


Traditional table of contents have dots that lead to the page numbers. These dots are known as tab leaders. Click on the leader selector and choose the dots.


The table of contents now looks more like a traditional table of contents.


To add a title to our table of contents, click once outside the table of contents. The cursor should appear before the table of contents. If not, tap on the up arrow on your keyboard a couple of times. Press the enter key on your keyboard to move the table of contents down. If the table of contents does not move down, tap on the up arrow a couple of times then try again. Type the title for the table of contents and format as needed.

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