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Google Sites is a great way to integrate the distribution of documents. One of the page options is a File Cabinet page. A File Cabinet page lists documents imported from a computer or from Google Drive. We don’t need to create a File Cabinet page to distribute documents through our site. We can easily add a link to a folder of documents, images or any media in Drive. If you would like to create a File Cabinet page, please read my lesson on this topic.

Before we make folders or documents available on our site it’s important that the folder or documents have the right permissions. If we want the folder or documents to be available to the public, we need to make sure the permissions are set accordingly. If the documents are to be shared with only certain people or within an organization, those permission settings need to be set. If you’re not sure how to set these permissions, please read my blog post on setting folder and document permissions.

Let’s look at an example of a list of shared documents. In this example, we have a menu option with links to pages that have shared documents.




Taking a look at the page for Office 365 documents, we see a list of documents related to Office 365 lessons.


Clicking one of the documents will open it in preview. This is because the document is in PDF format. If the document were a Doc, Sheet or Slide, it would open in view or edit mode, depending on the share settings.


In this example, we’ll create a list of current instructional documents on the main page.


We’ll click on the edit icon to begin editing the page contents.


This page has a two column format. We have a place on the right column for a document folder list.


We’ll click once inside the right column and go to the Insert menu. We’ll go over to the Google section and select Drive.


Under Drive, we have several options for inserting documents, spreadsheets, presentations and other Google media. Select the folder option.


We’ll navigate to a folder that has some subfolders. We’ll select the “New Instructions” folder. This folder has been shared so that it is available to everyone in my institution.


Click on the folder once and click the select button. Don’t double click because this will one the folder.


An Insert Drive Folder options box will display. We can change the name that will appear above the list of documents. It automatically takes the name from the name on the folder. We can also set the height of the file list box. The height is automatically set to 600 pixels. We can change this to another value if needed. If the value is too small, a scroll bar will appear in the document box. We can choose to have the documents listed or to have them appear in a grid. When they appear in a grid we get a preview of each document. We’ll leave everything as it is for this example and click save.


The Drive folder will be placed into the right column. We won’t see any documents until we save the changes to the page.

Below the box we have a few more options. We can go back into the options by clicking the gear icon and we can set the alignment of the Drive folder box in the right column. This does not affect the alignment of the individual files. We can also remove the box by clicking the “x”.


Click the save button for this page.


A box with a list of documents in the folder will be shown in the right column.

If we were to select the grid option, then we would get a preview of each document.


The Drive folder option can be used with folders that have other media content. In this example we have a Drive folder with videos displayed in grid view.


In this example, we have a Drive folder with several images.

This way of sharing documents in Drive folders is useful in another way. Once a document is either added or removed in Drive, the list on the page automatically updates.

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