File Cabinet Pages In Google Sites

A file cabinet page is a specific page in Google Sites that is designed to share documents from our Google drive with others. This is similar to sharing a Drive folder but a File Cabinet has some additional features that make is very useful. One feature is the option for people to subscribe to the page. This means that once a document is added or removed, subscribers will be notified.

Begin by creating a new page. Click on the new page button.




We’ll title this page “File Cabinet Page” and click the template selector. Select the “File Cabinet” option from the list of templates.


We’ll leave this page at the top level of our site.


Click the “Create” button.


When the File Cabinet page is created we will be presented with several buttons on the page to add files. The first button on the left, the “Add file” button will help us add a document from our computer. The “Add link” button will prompt us to provide a link to a document. The one we want is the “Add from Drive” button. Click on this button.


A Google Drive search box will open so we can search for documents in our drive or we can scroll down the list of documents in the section below.


We’ll search for any documents that include the word Google.


We’ll click on one of the files and click the select button. We could also double click the file.


The file will be added to our File Cabinet Page.


Let’s add more documents. Using the filter option, we can filter for specific document formats like Sheets or Slides.


In this example, we’re filtering for presentations. We’ll add a presentation to our File Cabinet page.


We now have several documents added to our File Cabinet page.

The page has a subscription button so people can subscribe to the page and be notified any time a document is added or removed.

Remember: When sharing documents from your Drive, it’s important that the documents have the proper sharing permissions set. Wrong sharing permissions will prevent visitors from viewing the documents or media. Wrong permissions might also display documents to an unintended audience. To learn more about setting document and folder permission, read my lesson on setting permissions.

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