Duplicating A Sheet In Google Sheets Workbook

Duplicating A Sheet In Google Sheets Workbook
A Google sheet is a document that can contain several spreadsheets. Each spreadsheet is represented by a tab at the bottom of the workbook. More than one spreadsheet in a Sheet document is referred to as a workbook. We can add up to two hundred spreadsheets to a workbook. We can create new spreadsheets in this workbook and we can duplicate existing spreadsheets.

Duplicating spreadsheets can be a useful way to work with data and not worry about changing the original.

In this example, we have a response spreadsheet that has been graded. We will reuse the spreadsheet with the associated form to retest students.

Click on the triangle to the right of the sheet name and select the duplicate option.




The spreadsheet will be duplicated and placed to the right of the original. We can now clear out the original responses.

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