Deleting Columns and Rows In Google Sheets

Deleting Columns and Rows In Google Sheets
There are times when we collect data in a spreadsheet that isn’t relevant or necessary for our needs. This can happen when we receive data from another source. In this example, we have some data received from an online database which includes extra information and columns with headings and no data.




Click once on the column heading. In this example, we’ll click column H.


There are several ways we can select the delete column option. When we hover the mouse over a selected column, an actions menu option will appear.


Click the menu to see the option to delete a column.


We can also go to Edit in the menu and select delete from the options in this menu.


Another way to get the delete option is to click on the column to get the contextual menu, and that will provide the same options we had by clicking on the column actions menu.


When we delete a column, the contents of the column are erased and the column itself is removed. The column to the right moves to the left and takes its place. This is the difference between deleting a column or just deleting a column of values. In this example, when we delete the values in the column, the column remains.


When we delete the column, the values and the column itself are removed.


To delete a row we click on the row heading just like we clicked the column heading. Rows don’t have an action menu to help delete the row.


Right click to get the contextual menu or click on Edit in the menu and choose to delete the row.

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