Creating Tile Groups In Windows 10

Creating Tile Groups In Windows 10

On our Start Menu, we have several tiles that have already been grouped for us. We can create our own group of tiles to help organize the applications we use most. In this example, we will group the Microsoft Office applications. The Office applications can be found in the All apps section.

Windows Start panel


The Office applications are grouped in the Apps List within a folder. To see the items in the folder we need to click the triangle on the right.

Microsoft Office applications group


To begin, we’ll drag the Access application over to the Start Menu section.

Microsoft Access application icon


We’ll drag the application between two groups to create a new group. A bar will appear to let us know that a new group will be created with this application.

Microsoft application icon and new group bar


Now that Access is in its own group on the Start Menu, we can place the remaining Office applications into this group.

Microsoft Access tile in new group


We’ll repeat the process by dragging and dropping each Office application onto the new group.

Microsoft Application tiles in new group

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