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Creating Play Lists In YouTube

A Playlist in YouTube is a collection of related videos. Playlists can be used to organize videos into categories. Playlists can also be shared with others. We can create playlists for our videos in the Creator Studio section of the YouTube channel. Click on your account icon in YouTube and click the “Creator Studio” button.




Click on Video Manager in the left panel.


When the Video Manager opens, click on the Playlists option.


Click on the “New Playlist” button.


Provide a descriptive title for the playlist.


The playlist can be public, unlisted or private. Private playlists can only be seen by you. Private play lists can also be shared with specific accounts. Click the “Create” button.


The page for this playlist will open. On the page, we can add a description for the playlist, share the playlist, and adjust the playlist settings.


The playlist page has a button to add videos. Click the “Add videos” button.


A search box will open and we can begin to search for videos.


Videos related to our search will be listed below the search box. We can play the videos to preview them before adding them to the playlist.

We can select one video at a time or we can select multiple videos by holding the shift key to select several videos together or hold the control key on Windows or Chrome to select videos that are not together. On Mac use the command key instead of the control key.


Click the “Add Videos” button to place the selected videos into the playlist.


The videos will appear on the playlist page. The thumbnail for the first video will appear as the thumbnail for the playlist.


Videos can be organized by clicking the left edge of the thumbnail and dragging it up or down the list.


When we replace the first video in the playlist, it becomes the thumbnail for the playlist.


We can add videos using the action menu. On the search results page, we can click on the action menu for a video.


We’ll click the Mars video playlist and the video will be placed on the list.


We can add a video to a playlist while watching a video. Click the “Add to” button.


Select a playlist.

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