Creating Links To Resources and References in OneNote

OneNote is always connected to the Cloud. This connection makes it possible to provide links to resources available anywhere on the Internet. We can create links to content on the Internet from any text in our notebook and we can create links to pages within a notebook. The option to link to Internet resources and pages in OneNote is available for all OneNote applications except for OneNote on Android devices. The process for creating links is slightly different on the iPad version so we will see that explained separately later in this chapter.

Linking To Internet Resources

Select text in a notebook to use as the basis for a link. The contextual menu will display above the text, but it does not have the link option we need. The link option is part of the Insert Ribbon.




Click on the Insert menu option and click lLink.


A box will open with the text that was selected in the display text field. In the Address field we will provide the link for this text.


We can either type or past the link into the Address field. Click the insert button to save the link.


We know the link is active because it will have the standard underline below the text. It’s always a good idea to test any links to resources. Click the link so it opens the destination site or page. The site or page should open in a different tab. This makes it easy for us to return to the notebook at any time. Clicking the link in the OneNote app will launch the default web browser on the device. For example, Safari will launch on iPad or iPhone and Chrome will launch on Android devices.


Repeat the process with other text in the notebook that will be used as a link to resources.

Linking to Internet Resources with iOS Devices

Select the text that will be used for the link. Links have to be associated with text.


Tap on the text so a contextual menu appears and tap on the option to select all. Grab the handles to extent or decrease the amount of text that is selected.


Tap on the Insert tab and tap on the Link option in the menu bar.


An Insert Hyperlink box will open. The address field will automatically be selected.


Enter the web address for the link into the field. Make sure to include “http://“ before the web address to make it an external link. Tap once outside the Hyper Link box to close the box and update the changes.


The text is now a link to an Internet resource. Make sure to text the link.

Linking To Pages

Linking to Internet resources is one way to provide interactivity to content in notebooks. We can link to pages in our notebook to link information and resources created on various pages. On this page we have a list that will be used as the basis for the links to their respective page. The option to link pages is not available in the iOS or Android versions of OneNote.


Right click on a page in the pages panel. Select “Copy link to this Page” from the contextual menu options.


Highlight the text that will be used for the link.


Click on the Insert tab and click the Link button.


Click once in the address field when the link box opens.


Paste the copied link by pressing “Control” and “V” on a keyboard in Windows or “Command” and “V” on Mac. Click the Insert button.


The text is now a link to the page. Repeat the process for other pages. Make sure to test all the links to make sure they link to the appropriate pages.


Linking pages like this is a good way to create a table of contents.

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