Creating Google Calendars

We can create multiple calendars in Google Calendar. A personal calendar is automatically created and we can create others. Calendars can be created for special vents. Calendars can be shared with one or more persons. Only those we share the calendar with will be able to see the event details we choose. We will see the view options later in this lesson.

In this lesson we will be creating a calendar that will have events related to an organization. These events will be made available to the public. We can follow the same process for creating calendars that will be kept private or just shared with specific individuals.

Go to your Google calendar using the Google Application launcher or use this link, You will need to login using your account information.

The “My Calendars” section is located in a panel on the left. Click on the actions menu option to the right of the “My Calendars” title.




Select the option to create a new calendar.


A page will open where we will provide information about the calendar. Provide a descriptive name for the calendar. This name should be descriptive of the contents of the calendar or the name of the organization that is associated with the calendar. This name will be displayed when the calendar is shared.


Click on the description field below the calendar name to provide a brief description of the calendar. In an organization, this might be the purpose of the calendar. The description provides information for those searching for the calendar on the Internet.


Enter the location information after providing a description. Setting the location information is useful to visitors. Visitors viewing the calendar will know the time of an event in relation to the location on the calendar.


Select a time zone from the Time Zone pull down menu.


Place a check mark on the option to display all time zones if you need to select one that is not readily available from the basic time zone selector. This is useful if we need to set the time zone for a calendar in another part of the world.


Place a check mark on the option to make this calendar public if this calendar is going to be visible to the public and you want people to be able to find the calendar through a search. We can choose to make the calendar public later or we can choose to hide the calendar from public searches later too.


Click the “Create Calendar” button to finish the process.


A warning message will display if we chose to make the calendar public. This is informing us that the calendar and its events can be found through a Google Search. Click the Yes button to continue.


The newly created calendar will appear in the left panel under the “My Calendars” section.

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