Creating Circle Text In Adobe Illustrator

Creating circle text in illustrator can seem difficult at first, but it’s very easy once you understand the process. Let’s begin by drawing out a circle. To make things easy, let’s change the default fill and stroke color.

The default stroke and fill colors are white for the fill and black for the stroke or line color. There is a shortcut to help set these colors to their default. Press the letter D on your keyboard and this will return the colors to their default values.




Go to the shapes selector and click on the ellipse tool.


Draw out a circle. Use the smart shape guides to make a circle or use the Shift key on your keyboard to constrain the shape to a circle.


Go to the text tool and select the type on a path text tool.


Move the text on a path tool over the line of the circle. The cursor will change to indicate that we can click to begin typing on the line. Click once on the circle. Don’t worry where the text will begin. We’ll change that later.


The text cursor will begin to blink on the line. Let’s type our text.


We’ll begin with the top part of the text.


Go to the font options and select a font and font size. Make sure to select all the text first.


To help center the text on the circle we’ll need to center-align the text. Click on the center-align option in the paragraph toolbar.


The text is off to one side. Let’s center the text at the top of the circle.


Switch to the selection tool in the toolbar.


We’ll get a selection box appear around the circle. To the left of the text, we see two bars. Move the mouse over the line on the right. The arrow tool should change to a line with an arrow facing to the left. Click and drag the line around the circle to the left.


The text will begin moving to the left. The text we are moving will turn blue.


Move the text close to the top center of the circle.


We can make the text larger and it will remain centered at the top of the circle.


Let’s work on the bottom part of the circle. We will duplicate this circle and use it for the text that will appear at the bottom of the circle. Click on the layers panel button.


Drag the current layer over the new layer button. This will create a new layer and include the drawing of the layer we are working on.


The new layer will be placed above the original layer.


Click and drag this layer below the original.


Click on the visibility button to hide the top layer.


Select the text and replace it with the text that will appear at the bottom of the circle.


Click on the select tool in the toolbar.


Move the mouse to the bar that is between the words in our bottom text. Click on the bar and drag it down.


The text will be inverted and appear inside the circle.


We need to transform this text so it appears correctly at the bottom of the circle. Go to “Object” in the menu, go to “Transform” and select the “Reflect” option.


Select the horizontal axis and click the OK button.


This will place our text at the bottom of the circle. The text is reversed. We need to transform the circle again so the text reads from left to right.


Go to the “Object” menu, go to the “Transform” option and select “Reflect”.


Select the vertical option and click the OK button.


The text is now properly displayed at the bottom of our circle.


Turn the top layer back on. Click on the layers button and click on the visibility button for the top layer.


Our circle text is almost complete. The text at the bottom of the circle isn’t at the same level as the text at the bottom of the circle. This is because we placed the bottom text inside the circle.


Select the text at the bottom of the circle.


Click on the Character options in the toolbar.


We’ll adjust the baseline value. We need to bring the text below the path line. This is our baseline. Click on the down arrow a few times.


We’ll see the text move down below the line.


Keep moving the text until the top of the text aligns with the line.


The top and bottom text are now on the same level and we’re done placing text on a circle.

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