Creating A Quick and Easy Checklist in Google Docs

This is a neat little trick when you need to have a checklist in a Google Doc. We often have a checklist of items that need to be done during projects and this simple trick makes it easy to include a checklist on items in a Google Doc.

To begin creating our checklist we’ll select the unordered list option in the menu and select the square bullet option.




We’ll begin entering one of the items on our list.


We’ll add some additional items, as many as needed.


Now that we have a list, let’s begin to check off each of the items as they are completed. Click once on one of the bullet boxes. This might highlight all the bullet boxes, but we only need to select one box so click once more on the box.


We should have one box selected.


Right click on the box and a bullet option box will display. We’ll select the check mark bullet option.


The boxed bullet has now been replaced by a check mark bullet. We can repeat this process with each of the bullets to create a sudo checklist in a Google Doc.

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