Copy and Paste Basics on iOS devices

Copying and pasting text on devices are some of the common tasks we perform. The first part of the process is to select the text we want to copy.




To begin the text selection process, we need to tap and hold our finger on one of the words we want to select. In this example, my finger is on the word “Nikola”. A small magnifier appears above the word. This is used to help us take a closer look at the text. Release the text when this magnifier appears.


The text remains selected and we get an actions menu above the text. We also get two blue dots. These blue dots are used to help us select more text to the right or to the left. Tap and drag the dot on the right to the right and select more text.


As we drag the dot over, the magnifier follows the dot so we can get a better look at what we are selecting. The actions menu will disappear while we are making our selection.


When we’re done selecting the text, release to get the actions menu again. The first option in the action menu is to copy the selected text. Tap on this option. The text will remain selected.


To paste the text into another application, we need to switch to that application. In this example, I am using the notes app.


To paste the text, tap once inside the text area and an action menu will appear with several options. The options we see will depend on the application we are using. Regardless of how many options there are, the paste option should always be available if there is information on the device to paste. Tap the paste option.


The information we copied earlier should paste right into the app. The information remains in memory until we copy something else, so we can paste this information as many times as we need.


We can follow this same process for just about anything, including images. In this example, I have an image to copy.


To copy the image from this article, I’ll tap on the image until it opens on a page of its own. This is so that the copy command will recognize that I want to copy the image and not the image location. Tap and hold on the image until the menu options appear. If the image is not available for us to copy, this is the menu option that will appear.


If we were to paste the information copied from the option above, this is what we would wind up pasting into our note. It’s not bad if we need the address for the image location.


When the image is available to be copied then this is the menu option we will see when tapping and holding the image. The difference is easy to see.


Switching back to the Notes app, I’ll tap once to get the actions menu and then select the paste option.


The image will be pasted into my Notes app.


Not all images will open on a page of their own to be copied. We will need to tap and hold to make sure we get the correct menu option to copy the image. We should get the option to either save the image or to copy the image.

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