Converting Office Documents To Google Docs Format

Google Drive will accept almost any type of file and document format. Microsoft documents are one of those that can be uploaded and converted to the Google Docs format for documents, spreadsheets, and slide shows. When converting these document formats we have a couple of options. We can upload the documents in their original format and then convert them in Google Drive. We can automatically convert these documents as they are uploaded. This means that the original Microsoft document isn’t uploaded and stored in Google Drive. The document is converted, and the Google version is the only one that is available.

Let’s see how we can convert a Microsoft document to the Google format. To convert a Microsoft document in Google Drive we can right-click on the document and select open with Google Docs. Google Drive automatically recognizes the document format.




Spreadsheets will be converted to the Google Sheets format.


PowerPoint presentations will be converted to the Google Slides format.

When we select this option, the document is converted and opened for us to inspect.


Instead of manually converting these documents, Google Drive can convert them for us as they are uploaded. We need to set the option to do this in settings. In Google Drive, click on the settings icon and select settings.


In the general settings section, place a check mark next to the option to convert uploaded files.


Click the Done button. From this point forward, any document Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint document uploaded to Google Drive will automatically be converted to the appropriate Google Document format.

This process also works for documents created with similar software like Open Office and other Open Source software that uses the Open Document format.

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