Converting Google Docs To Office Documents

Working with Google documents can be done by anyone with a free Google account. However, there are times when we need to provide a version of a document in the traditional Microsoft Office format. In that case, we can easily convert Google Docs, Sheets or Slides into their Microsoft version.

In this example, we have a spreadsheet in the Google Sheets format.




To convert this spreadsheet into a Microsoft Excel document, click File in the menu.


Go down the list of menu items until you find the “Download as” option. There are several file formats we can convert this document into, but the one we want is listed first. Click on the Microsoft Excel format.


The file will be converted to the Microsoft Excel and downloaded to your computer.


We can repeat the same process with word processing documents. The option to convert the document to a Microsoft Word document is listed first in the “Download as” option.


Google slides can also be converted to Microsoft PowerPoint documents. Again, the option to convert this Google Slide to PowerPoint is the first one listed in the “Download as” option.

In these examples, we had the file open and used the option to convert and download the file from the File menu in each application.


We don’t need to open the document first before it can be converted and downloaded. In Drive, we can right-click on a file and click the download option from the contextual menu.

When we choose to download the document using the contextual menu, Google will automatically select the appropriate Microsoft file format and download the file. In other words, we won’t get the other download options.


If we don’t like to right, click on the contextual menu, then we can use the actions menu in the Google Drive button bar and get the same download option.

When we use the actions menu to download the document, Google will automatically select the appropriate Microsoft format and download the document.


A benefit of using Google Drive and either the contextual menu or the actions menu to download files is that we can select multiple files to download and each will be converted and downloaded in the appropriate Microsoft document format. This means we can select a combination of docs, sheets and slides to download and they will automatically be converted and downloaded.

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