Control Center on iPhone

The Control Center on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch is a way to quickly access some common tools, utilities, and applications. The control center on iPhone is slightly different. There are certain tools that are specific to the iPhone and these include the flashlight and calculator. The flashlight is only available on iPhone because the iPad currently does not have a light.

The tools on the bottom of the Control Center include the flashlight, timer, calculator, and camera. Above these tools, we have buttons for AirDrop and AirPlay.




Above those basic tools, we have access to player controls. These controls are available for music, videos and audio books. In this example, the audio tool is displaying the options for a language audio book.


Above the audio controls, we have the brightness slider.


Above the brightness slider, we have buttons to place the phone in airplane mode, turn WiFi on or off, turn Bluetooth on or off, place the phone into “do not disturb” and to lock the screen rotation.

Most of these controls and tools are available through settings and apps but having them readily available here in the Control Center makes it easy for us to access them when needed. The only tool that is not available anywhere else is the flashlight tool.

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