Commenting On Google Documents

Any document in Google Docs can receive comments. Comments are very useful if you don’t want anyone to change a document but you would like feedback. Commenting on digital documents in Google Drive is very useful if those with whom you are collaborating don’t work or live in the same location. Educators can use comments to provide feedback to students. Students collaborating on documents can provide comments to others in the group.

When sharing documents for collaboration, the comment option is already available. If a document is being shared but the owner doesn’t want any one to change the document, he or she can share a document as view only but with comment rights. In this way others can provide suggestions to a document without being able to modify the document.

To make comments on a document, the document needs to be open. In this example the document is shared with edit rights. The comment button is located on the top right side of the page.




Let’s click once on the comment button. We see a notifications and a comment button. Click on the comment button.


A comment box will display on the same line where we have the cursor. This is useful for those that will read the comments. It provides a guide for what the comment is referring to in the document. Let’s make a comment in the comment box.


When you’re done typing the comment click on the comment button.


The comment will remain on the right side of the document. The comment box will have a resolve button and a more actions button. The resolve button will close and hide the comment. When we click the resolve button we are indicating that we have acknowledged the comment and have taken appropriate steps. Let’s click the more option menu represented by the three dots.


We have the option to edit or delete the comment. If we select edit, then we can change the comment as needed.


At this point we are looking at the comments from the perspective of the person making the comments. Let’s see what this looks like from the perspective of the person receiving the comments. As the other user we will see the same comment box. We also have the same options to resolve a comment but we don’t have the more options menu to edit or delete the comment. What we can do is click on the comment itself.


When we click the comment, a reply option becomes visible. We can type a response and it will be added to the comment.


After typing the reply we click on the reply button to save the reply.


The reply will be part of the comment and the person that left the reply will have the more options menu to edit or delete the reply.


The others reading the reply will not be able to edit or delete, but they can click once on the reply and reply to the reply.


This process of replying and commenting can be done over and over again as needed. In the end all comments can be hidden by resolving them.


All comments and replies are archived with the document. We can see them by clicking the comments button. Comments will be listed with the most recent at the top.

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