Colored Folders In Google Drive

Colored folders can help provide a good visual for organizing folders and for finding folders. One of the ways I use colored folders is to color code them according to the stage in the process they represent. In this example, I have several folders and each provides information that is to be shared with a specific campus. Each folder has several documents inside. The folder color is updated as it nears completion.

In this example, folders that are empty or haven’t had any modifications to the documents inside are left at their default color. Folders in orange, mean they are currently being worked on and are in the process of being updated or haven’t been completed. Green folders indicate that any work on documents in the folder has been completed.




To color a folder, we can right click on the folder and move our mouse arrow to the “Change Color” option. A color palette will display where we can select from one of 25 color options. Actually, it’s 24 because the default grey is one of the color options.


To see the updated folder color, deselect the folder by clicking elsewhere in the Drive.


We don’t have to right click the folder to get the color option. We can click once on the folder, then click on the actions menu option in the button bar and select Change Color from the options.


We can also change a folder color when the folder is open. Click on the actions menu next to the folder name and select the folder color option.

Coloring folders can also be used to indicate the importance of a folder. A red folder can be used to let us know that this has the really important information for the current project. When used sparingly, colored folders can help get those important folders to stand out.

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