Collaborating On YouTube Playlists

Creating collections of YouTube videos can become a collaborative process. The collaboration is very useful in many areas, including education. Teachers in a campus within grade levels or within departments can collaborate on curating playlists to be used as part of classroom instruction. Students can collaborate on playlists and create them for research or projects.

We have a playlist page open. This playlist is gathering relevant videos related to Mars exploration. The playlist has to be either open to the public or unlisted. Collaboration on playlists doesn’t work on private playlists. To invite collaborators, we’ll click the “Playlist settings” button.




A playlist setting dialogue box will open. Click on the “Collaborate” section.


Turn on the option to allow collaborators to add videos to the playlist. The collaboration option provides a special link that needs to be sent out to those that will be collaborating on the playlist. Copy this link and make it available to collaborators.


The link can be deactivated. In this way, we can limit the use of the link. Those that clicked on the link and used it to begin collaborating will still be able to collaborate. The link, once deactivated, will not work for anyone else that would like to join in the collaboration.


If we would like to invite collaborators in the future, we can click the “Get link” button to get a new link for collaborators.


We can turn off collaboration at any time by clicking the collaboration switch. When we make a change to this setting, we need to click the save button.

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