Clipboard Managers Keyboard Feature for iPhone or iPad

Clipboard managers make it easy to collect and paste information into documents. They can also be used to paste information into apps or just about anything that will accept pasted information from the clipboard.

Two of these clipboard managers offer an additional option to paste information. They come with a keyboard feature. The way this feature works is that we enable the keyboard in our settings and then we can switch to their special keyboard to paste the content.

To enable the keyboards, we’ll go over to settings.




Tap on the general settings section.


Scroll down until you see the Keyboard option and tap on it.


At the top of the keyboard section, we will see the option to access the installed keyboards. Tap on this option.


In this section will have the option to add new keyboards. Let’s tap the “add new keyboard” option.


An add keyboard panel will open so we can add Apple preinstalled keyboards in a variety of languages or add third party keyboards. In this example, the third party keyboards are Clips and Copied. The Heapo clipboard manager does not have a keyboard option. Let’s add the Clips keyboard by tapping on the Clips name.


The add keyboard panel will close and the Clips keyboard will appear in our list of installed keyboards. Tap “Add New Keyboard” so we can also add the Copied keyboard.


We’ll repeat the process and tap the Copied keyboard to add it to our list of available keyboards.

Now that we’ve added our keyboards we need to grant them full access. Full access allows them to work as intended. This means we will give the keyboard access to our systems memory and information.

If you’re concerned about privacy, then you might want to look at the third party privacy policy from Apple and the vendors. The link to this information is available in this section.


To grant Clips full access, tap Clips.


Turn on the option to allow full access.

A dialogue box will open with information about what granting full access means. If you feel comfortable with enabling full access, tap the “allow” option. The keyboard option will not work until we grant full access.


If you are hesitant about using the keyboard full access option, keep reading and decide if would be helpful. If not, you still have the option of using notifications.

With full access granted we can return to the keyboards and grant Copied full access in the same way. Once we’ve granted the keyboard access, we can use this feature in a document.


In this example, I have a document created in Pages. We can use any software that supports the option to paste or keyboard input. The default keyboard will automatically appear. We can switch to one of the clipboard manager keyboards by tapping and holding the globe icon.
Using The Clips Keyboard
While holding down the globe button, we will get a list of all the available keyboards. Tap on Clips to switch to the Clips keyboard.


The clip manager keyboards aren’t like traditional keyboards. Clips lists saved clips.


We can insert one of the clips by tapping on a clip.


To insert another clip, we can tap the return key once or twice.


We can then tap on the next clip we want in the document.
Using the Copied Keyboard
Switch to the Copied clipboard manager keyboard. Tap on the globe icon once. This will cycle to the next keyboard on the list, which is the Copied keyboard.


The look of the Copied keyboard is different but works much the same way.


Tapping on one of the clips will paste the contents of that clip into the document.

The keyboard feature can be very useful if we are going to paste multiple items into a document.

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