Changing The Wallpaper on iPhone or iPad

Behind all those icons of your favorite apps is the home screen wallpaper. Wallpaper is usually an image that sits in the background and adds something to our experience. Wallpaper images are usually images that mean something to us, like images of our family or images of our favorite scenery.

Our devices have two wallpaper options. There is a lock screen wallpaper and a home screen wallpaper. The lock screen wallpaper is the one we see when sliding the un-lock switch to access our device. Once we provide a password, we see the home screen wallpaper. These wallpapers can be changed with any image we choose. In this lesson we will learn how to change the wallpaper images for both the lock screen and the home screen.

To change the wallpaper, tap the settings icon.




We are usually taken to the general settings section. Below the general settings button we find the wallpaper button. Tap on this button.


In the wallpaper settings we see a screen with a representation of both the lock screen and home screen wallpapers. The lock screen wallpaper is the one on the left and the home screen wallpaper is the one on the right. Above these wallpaper previews is a button that helps us choose a new wallpaper. Tap on this button.


Apple provides some wallpapers to choose from. These are designated as either dynamic or stills. Dynamic wallpapers move around on the screen slightly as you tilt your device around. Still wallpaper images are regular images that don’t animate in any way. Let’s tap on the Dynamic wallpaper option.


We’ll see several dynamic wallpaper options in as many colors. Let’s tap on one to get a preview. In a few seconds the wallpaper will animate into view. Tilt your device around slightly to see the circles float around. If we’d like to set this as our wallpaper we have a button on the bottom to set image. For now let’s tap on the cancel button and look at still images.


We’ll be taken back to the Dynamic image section. Tap on the choose button at the top of the screen to return to the images section.


Tap on the stills image.


Apple provides several images, colors and patterns we to use for our wallpaper. Find an image you like and tap on it.

A preview of the image will display with an additional button above the cancel and set buttons. This additional button allows us to turn the perspective zoom option either to on or off. The perspective zoom is automatically set to on.

What is perspective zoom? Perspective zoom uses some pixel manipulation to make your image appear to move slightly and gives it a 3D appearance. This is similar to the dynamic wallpaper image option. If we don’t want to have our images move around, we can turn this feature off.


We can now set this image as our wallpaper, but let’s explore one more wallpaper option. This is the one you’ve all been waiting for. Tap on cancel and then tap on choose at the top of the screen.


Below the Dynamic and still wallpaper option we see the photos section. This section has access to all our photos on the device and in iCloud. So, if we’ve taken an image we want to use as the wall paper, we can select it from here. This is where we get a chance to use our favorite image. Tap on the all photos section.


Scroll up or down to find an image you would like to use and tap on it once.


We will get a preview of the image like we did with the still option we tried earlier. Like the stills earlier, we have the option to turn on perspective zoom. Choose to use perspective zoom or turn it off and tap the set button.

After tapping set, we see a prompt to choose where we want to place this wallpaper. We can set the wallpaper for the lock screen, home screen or both. I’ll set my image for the home screen.

The wallpaper will be set and we will return to the images for our wallpaper. We can now select another image for the lock screen of the home screen depending on the option we selected earlier.


To see the wallpaper on the device, tap the home button to exit settings and see the home screen behind the app icons. To see the lock screen, tap on the power button on your device once. Tap the power button again to see the lock screen.

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