Changing Google document share permissions

As we share and collaborate on documents, we might have the need to change the share permissions to documents. We might also need to remove share permissions from someone. With a document open, click on the share button in the button bar.




When the share pane opens, click on the advanced option.


A share settings page will open that displays a list of those that have share permissions. The pane also shows the permissions each person has to the document.


We can change the share permission by clicking on the triangle next to the permission. This advanced share settings pane provides us with the same permissions to edit, view or comment. It also has one more option, the option to make someone else the owner of the document. We’ll cover document ownership in another lesson. In this example I’ll change this person’s permission from edit to view.


Another option that is available but is not obvious, is the option to remove someone from any form of sharing. To completely remove any form of sharing, click the ‘x’.


The changes are not automatically updated. To make the change effective, click the save changes button.


Once the changes have been saved the button will change to read done.


We don’t need to have a document open in order to change the share settings. In Drive, click once on a document.


Click on the share button in the button bar or right click on the document and select share.

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