Change Google doc shareable link permissions

Shareable links are a good way to share a document with those that don’t have a Google account. Recipients can view, edit or comment on documents without the need to have a Google account. When creating a shareable link we might have originally given the recipient edit or view only access to the document. We might have a need to change this permission later.

When we change the permission for documents with a shareable link, the same link will be used with the new permission. Keep in mind that this permission will be the same for anyone that has the link.

With a document open, click on the share button in the button bar.




We can click the triangle next to the shareable link permission to get a list of the other permissions.


In this example I’ve changed the permission from can view to can comment. This is a good permission when we need to get feedback from others with a shareable link. They can’t make changes to the document but they can provide feedback on the document through comments. When we’re done changing the permission we’ll click the done button.


We don’t need to have a document open in order to update the shareable link permission. In Drive we can select a document then right click on it to get the contextual menu. The contextual menu has a share option.

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