Change Drive folder list location in Google Sites

We can use Google Sites to share a folder of documents with specific people, people in an organization or with the public. If you don’t know how to do this, please read my lesson for creating a Drive folder document list.

When sharing a Drive folder there are times when we might need to change the folder we are sharing with a completely different folder. In this example, we have a Drive folder with several instructional documents on our home page. To change the folder we need to edit the page by clicking the edit button.




Our shared Drive folder is shown in the right column of this page. Click once on the Drive folder box.


A set of buttons will appear either above or below the box. Click on the gear icon to access the options.


At the top of the options box, we have a button to change the folder. To the left of the button is the current folder name. Click on “Change”.


We’ll open a folder that has a list of other folders. Don’t double click a folder to select it, click on it once. Make sure the folder has the correct share permissions otherwise your audience might not be able to see the documents. If you’re not sure how to set the document or folder permissions, read my lesson on setting document and folder permissions.


After the folder is selected, click on the select button to use the new folder.


In the options box we can change the title that appears above the document list and we can change the height or width of the document box. We’ll leave all they options as they are and click the Save button.


Click Save.


We now have a new list of documents from a different folder.

A benefit of using shared Drive folders in Sites is that as soon as we add or remove documents to these folders in Drive, the document list is automatically updated. We shouldn’t have to change folders. All we need to do is update the contents of the folder.

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