Creating an assignment in google classroom

Creating An Assignment in Google Classroom

Creating an assignment in Google Classroom Assignments are the backbone of most lesson plans. Assignments can be products or projects. To create an assignment we click the circle with a plus symbol in the middle. This is located in the lower right corner of the Stream section page.

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creating google classrooms

Creating Google Classrooms

Creating Google Classrooms Creating Google Classrooms was once limited to educational institutions but as of April of 2017, it is open to anyone with a personal Google account. This does not mean that we can mix accounts. For example, a student cannot access a personal Google Classroom with an educational institution account. The accounts used to create and join classrooms in a personal account must all be personal accounts. What is Google Classroom? Google Classroom […]

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Google Classroom change owner update

The latest update to Google Classroom allows teachers to transfer ownership of a classroom to another teacher.

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