Arduino along with programming can be used to turn an LED on and off

Blinking An LED with Arduino in Tinkercad

Blinking An LED with Arduino in Tinkercad The Arduino board can be more than a glorified push button for electronic circuits. We can do so much more with Arduino and in this lesson, we will take a closer look at what can be done with code and a basic circuit with a Light Emitting Diode, LED. This lesson builds on a previous lesson where we activated an LED with Arduino and a few lines of […]

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circuits with Arduino and coding

Enhancing Circuits With Arduino in Tinkercad

Enhancing Circuits With Arduino in Tinkercad In this lesson we will use an Arduino, which is a microcontroller, to turn on an LED using Tinkercad. This lesson builds on the previous lesson for turning on an LED with a push button. The Arduino board is a microcontroller. A microcontroller is a very simple computer that accepts the simple code we create and translates that code into instructions that interact with the physical world. In this […]

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Scratch Coding for Interactive Stories

Scratch Story Starter with Character Interaction

Scratch Story Starter with Coding Scratch is a coding environment for creating applications and games. It can also be used to create interactive stories. These interactive stories can be used to teach vocabulary and language skills. Scratch is a free online application that can be used on most computers. Scratch still uses the Flash extension so you will need to use a computer with a browser and the Flash plugin. Most computers have this plugin […]

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