Audio Recordings With OneNote Apps

Recording audio through the Cloud version of OneNote allows for limited recording of audio. These recordings are limited to one and a half minutes. Applications on some devices allow for longer recordings. OneNote on iPhone and iPad allows for much longer recordings. OneNote mobile for Windows 10 does not support audio recording and recording on Android devices is limited to three minutes. Recording audio with the Office 2016 application does not have a recording time limitation.

These are the current options for each of the applications. Future updates might provide more time for recordings.
Recording Audio With iPad
This lesson demonstrates how to record audio on an iPad. The same process can be done on an iPhone or iPod Touch.

Open OneNote and click on the menu option on the left.




Select a notebook.


Tap on the Class Notes section and tap the “Add a Page” button.


Provide a name for the created page and tap once in the content area. Tap on the “Insert” tab and tap on the “Audio” button.


The recording will begin. An audio meter will display in the center of the screen. The recording time elapsed is displayed below the meter. Tap the “Stop Recording” button at any time.


An audio file icon is displayed in a text box. The date and time of the recording is displayed below the audio file icon.


Tap on the icon to play back the recorded audio. A contextual menu will appear above the icon with an option to play. A play button will also appear to the left of the icon. Tap the play button.


An audio playback box will open. The box includes a pause button and a close button.
Recording Audio With Android
Open OneNote for Android and tap on the menu option on the left.


Tap on a notebook.


Tap on the “Class Notes” section.


Tap on the “Add a Page” button.


Provide a name for the page and tap on the content area.


Tap on the “Insert” tab and tap on the “Audio” button.


A recording panel will appear at the bottom of the screen. The recording time will appear along with the allotted time for the recording. Tap the stop button at any time prior to the allotted time. The recording will automatically stop at the end of the allotted time is we don’t press the stop button.


An audio icon will appear in the notes within a text box.


Tap on the audio icon to play back the audio. The control options for the audio will appear at the bottom of the screen.
Recording Audio With OneNote Desktop
OneNote for mobile devices like the Surface does not support audio recording but the Office 2016 application does. The desktop version provides additional features for recording. These include longer recording time and bookmarks.


Open the OneNote 2016 desktop application and click on the Notebook selector. Select a synced notebook.


Click on the student notebook.


Click on the “Class Notes” tab.


Click on the “Add Page” button.


Provide a name for the page and click once in the page content area.


Click on the “Insert” tab.


Click on the “Recording” button.


An Audio tab will open with controls for the recording. The recording will begin immediately. An audio level meter next to the recording status lets us know if something is being recorded. The levels should be changing color as the microphone on the computer detects and records audio. Click the stop button at any time to stop the recording.


The recording is saved in the page within a text box. The audio appears as an audio icon. The recording date and time appears below the icon.


To play back the audio click on the icon. A play button icon will appear in the upper right of the icon and to the left of the icon and text box.


A play and pause button is available in the Audio Ribbon.


During playback we can fast forward or rewind the audio in fifteen-second segments by clicking the forward and rewind options.


During the recording and playback we can add bookmarks to the audio. These bookmarks can be used to return to important points in the recording.


As bookmarks are added they are listed below the audio icon.


To play the audio at each of the bookmarks move the mouse over one of the bookmarks. A play icon will appear to the left of each bookmark. Click on the play icon to begin playing the audio from that bookmark.

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