Audio Recording With OneNote Online

OneNote has an option to record audio and save it as part of a note. The recorded audio can only be one and a half minutes long using the online version. It’s just long enough for a sound bite. We can record several one and a half minute sound bites if needed.

To record notes in OneNote, click once in a page.




Click the “Insert” menu and select recording.


We’ll get a message requesting access to the computer’s microphone. Click on “Share selected device”.


If the microphone isn’t automatically selected, click the pull down menu and select the computer’s microphone option.


A recording icon will appear within the body of the page.


A set of controls will appear in the “Record & Playback” tab. The controls include an elapsed timer. Since we can only record one and a half minutes at a time it helps to know when the recording will stop.


The recorded audio appears within our notes as an audio icon. To play the recorded audio, click the play button in the top right hand corner of the icon.


Click the play button in the “Audio” section.

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