Adjusting Mac Finder Tabs

In lesson 4 and 4a we learned how to organize information with tabs. Once you have tab stops setup in your document, it’s relatively easy to reposition them. In this example I can change the tab stop position for the Price header. Each line in the document is a separate tab stop position. If I want to move the tab stop for the Price header, I need to click once to the left of the P in Price. I can then move the tab stop to the left by clicking and dragging the tab stop icon in the ruler to the left.




When I release the tab stop, the Price header will move over to the new tab stop position.


Now that the Price header is repositioned, I need to move the price values under the heading. This takes one more step than you might think, and this is only necessary when moving tabs that cross other tabs. The first thing we need to do is move the left align tab. If we don’t do this, there will be a conflict between tabs and the decimal tab won’t move over properly. In this example we see that before the price value we have a left align tab followed by a decimal align tab.


Click and drag the left align tab to the same position where we recently moved the heading left align tab.


Now that the left align tab is in position, we can move the decimal align tab.


We will need to repeat this same process for the next value in the Price column.


If we move our heading and values back to where they were, it will be much easier because there are no other tabs to conflict with the tabs we want to move. I’ll click once to the left of the letter P in Price and move the left tab stop to the right.


To move the values let’s use a faster way. Highlight the lines that have the values we want to re-align. We don’t have to highlight everything in the lines but we need to make sure the values are highlighted.


Now we can drag the decimal tab to the right.

The values will align under the decimal tab. We can use this technique to align columns of information.

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