Adding Google Apps To The Chrome Browser Launcher

The Google apps launcher automatically includes some of the more commonly used apps. These apps include Google Drive and Docs. If we use Google Sheets or Slides regularly they are not easily found in our apps launcher. We can easily add these apps to our launcher. Click on the apps launcher.




Select more at the bottom of the list.


Select “even more from Google” on the next list of apps.


Scroll down to the Home & Office section and click on Slides.


When slides opens, click on the apps launcher.


Go down to the bottom of the list of apps. A link to create a shortcut for this app in our launcher will be available. Click the link to add the shortcut.


The link to the Slides app will now appear in our apps launcher.


Not all apps can be installed like Slides or Sheets. One of these apps includes Google Drawings.

Clicking on Drawings will open the application but the apps launcher is not available for us to add the shortcut.

Which apps can we include in our apps launcher? We can create a shortcut to all the apps listed in the media section. We can create a shortcut for almost all the apps in the Home & Office section. The exception includes Google Drawing. Google Cloud Print and Google Store are services and can’t be added as shortcuts to the apps launcher. All the social apps can be added and most of them are already there.

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