Adding fonts to our Google font library

Adding fonts to our Google font library

The standard font library under our Google account includes several very useful fonts. We have access to a variety of other fonts which can be used to enrich our slides or documents.

Click on the edge of the text box to select the text box and the contents.

select text box


font menu selector

Click on the font selector in the button bar.

more fonts option

Go down to the bottom of the fonts list and select the more fonts option.

fonts list panel

A fonts library box will open. We can scroll through the list of fonts in this library and add them to our own quick list of fonts. Click on a font in the library to select it and included it in your list of available fonts.

show all fonts

The fonts in the library are divided into categories. We can filter the fonts by these categories. Click on the “Show all fonts” selector and click on one of the categories.

my fonts section

Selected fonts will appear in the “My Fonts” panel. These are the fonts we will be able to select while formatting text. Click on the “x” next to each font to remove the font from the “My Fonts” panel.

update selected fonts

Click the “OK” button to close the font library and return to the document. The selected fonts will be added to our font list and we can use them in documents.

The fonts we add to our “My Font” list can get a little long. In time you might want to remove some of the fonts from the list. You can do this without worrying about the removal of these fonts affecting the documents that use these fonts. If the font is not available in your font list, Google will still retrieve the font from the library so the documents that use the removed font will look display the document with the appropriate font.

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