Adding Apps From The Chrome Web Store to the Chrome browser

Google Drawing is not one that can easily be added to the apps launcher. I think the reason for this is that Google Drawing is usually part of Google’s other applications like Docs and Slides. We can add Google Drawing through the Chrome Web Store.

There isn’t a shortcut to the Web Store in the Google Apps Launcher but there is a shortcut in the Chrome Apps Launcher. Click on the Chrome Apps Launcher.




In the Apps page, click on the Web Store shortcut.


The Chrome Web Store will open where we will see a variety of featured Apps. Click once inside the search box located in the upper left.


Type in Google Drawings and press enter.


A list of Apps will open in the main area of the page. The first item on the list should be Google Drawings.


On the right side of the page next to the App we see a button that will allow us to add this App to Chrome. The App won’t be added to the Google Apps Launcher but to the Chrome Apps Launcher instead. Click on the “Add to Chrome” button.


An information box will open to confirm that we want to add the App to Chrome. Click the “Add App” button.


A version of the Apps Launcher will open to confirm that the App has been added to the Chrome Launcher.


Click on the Chrome Apps Launcher and the Google Drawings App will appear on the Apps page.


We can add most Google Apps that are available in the Google Apps launcher to our Chrome Apps Launcher. Let’s add an app to our Chrome Apps Launcher that is available in the Google Apps Launcher. Click on the Web Store shortcut and in the Web Store, search for Google Forms.

Google Forms should be the first item on the list. We can install this shortcut using the same process we used to add Google Drawings.


We can very quickly see a list of all the Apps we can add by using the Chrome Web Store filters. Click on Chrome Web Store to return to the Web Store home page.


In the features section, place a check mark next to the “By Google” feature.

This will provide a list of all the Apps created by Google and available in the Web Store.

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