Adding An Image To A Google Sheet

Adding An Image To A Google Sheet
We can add images to a Google Sheet using the Insert menu option. This will insert an image above the cells where it will float above the text and we can position it as needed. We can also insert an image into a cell from a web-site. An image inserted into the cell will be part of the cell.

To Insert, a floating image, click on Insert in the menu and select “Image”.




We can upload an image from our device or select one of the other options to insert an image. Click on the search option so we can find an image on the Internet.


Search for a Google logo.


Click on an image to place on the spreadsheet and click the select button.


The image will be placed in the spreadsheet, and floating above the cells.


We can resize the image using the image handles.


We can place the floating image anywhere on our sheet.

Another way to add images is to embed the image into one of the spreadsheet cells. When embedding images into a cell, the image must be on some web-site or stored on a server somewhere. The image is embedded using the link to this image on the Internet. Luckily there are plenty of ways we can upload an image onto the Internet.


Click once on a cell where the image will be embedded.


Search on the Internet for an image. I’ll search for the Google logo.


Click once on the image to reveal the larger image.


We need the link to the image. Right-click on the image. In the contextual menu we have several options. Select the option to copy the image address.


Go back to the spreadsheet and paste the link into the cell we selected earlier.


This alone will not embed the image. We need to add some additional instructions. Click once at the beginning of the link. It’s easier if we use the Formula bar because there is more space to accommodate longer links.


Type =IMAGE, followed by an open parenthesis and an opening quotation mark into the address bar ahead of the link. As we type this information, the text in the formula bar will begin to change colors. This change is letting us know that Google sheets is recognizing the link as a reference to something. The image link should be green.


Go to the end of the link, place a closing quote and a closing parenthesis.


Click on an empty cell and the image should appear in the cell.


The image is very small because the cell height is small at 21 pixels. Click and stretch the row to make the cell larger.


The logo will grow in size as we increase the height of the row. We can also increase the width of the column to increase its size if needed. If we don’t increase the size of the column, the image will float to the bottom of the cell as we make the row taller.


Here are the images on our sheet. One is embedded in a cell and the other is floating above the cells.

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