Publish Google Slides with Google Sites

Publishing Google Slides with Google Sites

Publish Google Slides with Google Sites The new Google Sites makes it very easy to share Google Slides with the world. Sharing Google Slides is a great way to provide information to an audience, provide professional development and instruction. Sharing presentations through Google Sites is a good way for students to develop an online portfolio of what they have learned during the year. Sharing presentations is also a good way for teachers to provide information […]

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Scratch Coding for Interactive Stories

Scratch Story Starter with Character Interaction

Scratch Story Starter with Coding Scratch is a coding environment for creating applications and games. It can also be used to create interactive stories. These interactive stories can be used to teach vocabulary and language skills. Scratch is a free online application that can be used on most computers. Scratch still uses the Flash extension so you will need to use a computer with a browser and the Flash plugin. Most computers have this plugin […]

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Publish Google Sheets Charts

Publishing a Google Sheets chart

Google Sheets charts can be published to the web.

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Publish Individual Google Sheets

Publishing individual Google sheets

Individual Google Sheets can be published to the web.

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pie charts with google sheets

Basic Pie Chart in Google Sheets

Creating pie charts from a single column of data makes sense and is easy to do.

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